The Cleveland County Free Fair has been around for over a century. For almost the first 40 years there were no county fairgrounds. As story has it, it was about 1946 when the fair had continued to be held over between Carey Lumber and the old feed store on Comanche in Norman.

A large wind storm came through and picked up the large tent that the animals and contestants were under and flattened it on top of them. Luckily, no one was injured, including livestock! It was at that point in time the 12,000-member community decided they had gone long enough without adequate facilities.

The following year, a Fair Board was established with 3 members: Walter Williamson, Ken Poynor and Herb Mackey. Then, the 3 county commissioners called for a vote to purchase 10-15 acres to establish the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. The first fair building was built and included a kitchen for the ladies to cook fair meals. The site at 615 East Robinson has been home to the Cleveland County Free Fair ever since!

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Looking back over the years since, the fairgrounds have continued to grow and expand. The Cleveland County Free Fair has had many wonderful people come out and devote tons of long hours, sweat and work into making it one of Oklahoma's largest county fairs! Although the community is growing and the population has drastically increased, the attitudes and spirit of the fair have not changed one bit! It is an experience you will never forget - young or deep-rooted!